Intro To Barbering (31st Jan & 2nd February 2022)




Short Courses –  Barbering

The Barber Academy offers short courses and non accredited training for barbering skills. These courses can include fading, clipper work and skills needed for any professional barber.

Course Duration:  Night Time 6pm-9pm

Course Delivery :  Face to face

  • Our educators will be at your side at all times to supervise, build confidence, progress your skill level and deliver exceptional results.
  • Classes are between 2-4 students, with students of all ages and both genders. 
  • Training will start with an expert demonstration from your educator. From then you will put to practice immediately what you have seen.

Topics covered in our Short Courses  

  • Scissor work
  • Clipper work
  • Fading
  • Consultation skills
  • Health & Safety
  • Shampooing and conditioning

Student Requirements – Short Courses 

  • Students will be required to bring in a model each night to complete their cuts.
  • Students will be required to bring barbering equipment including: Clippers including guards, trimming clippers, scissors, combs, neck brush, hair dryer and water spray.

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